Mr Nitin Joshi


A highly experienced entrepreneur and dealmaker with global connections built up over 40 years, his in-depth experience has been honed by exposure to fast-moving markets in the UK, Europe, North America and the Far East. His business experience embraces the highest level of executives in the corporate world as well as the entrepreneur / owners of small but hugely successful buyers and suppliers.

He is adept at working across cultural boundaries and has both the local knowledge and experience of the many national customs this often entails. He is well known for his precision and thoroughness in his business dealings that has established for him an enviable reputation within his peer group and forms the firm foundations upon which he has established his successful enterprises over the last ten years.

He has a track record of forming positive alliances in often complicated business ventures while bringing together and managing other professionals to cooperate productively with him in successful business activities and projects.

With this impeccable track record he is known to be a trusted and reliable business associate and a partner of integrity that strives to maximize the positive outcomes from all his business relationships and interactions.

Born in Mombasa, Kenya, he moved to London in the early 70¹s as a UK national where he completed his formal education. His career in the highly competitive UK media industry within the IT publishing arena gave him the opportunities to establish a business profile at the highest level. Ultimately, he became VP Global Sales for the Reed Technology Group - at the time one of the most profitable sectors of the Anglo-Dutch media giant Reed-Elsevier. He has been resident in Asia since founding a multi-faceted international media representation network in 2003 with offices in London, Singapore and Taiwan.

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Mr Abeer Ud Din Qureshi

Global Advisor – Legal: Shipping: Oil

Abeer ud din Qureshi is a massively multi-talented and highly qualified business professional with fifty years practical experience working with commodities- mostly oil, bunkerage and shipping businesses and all the legal aspects that pertain to this complex and vital international business.

A British citizen, he qualified as a Barrister at Law at Lincoln's Inn, London and is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales. He is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers and a member of the Baltic Exchange in London. He has worked as a legal advisor to shipping companies involved with the movement of bulk cargo and both crude and refined oil products. He was often responsible for all the legal issues pertaining to both shipping and chartering and part of a team securing contracts for freight operations through direct negotiations with government ministers and their immediate ministries. He was furthermore involved with the management of tankers, their running costs, recruitment of crews (including the senior officers and captains) and all matters associated with keeping a fleet of ships working profitably and cost-effectively whilst ensuring that all goods carried were loaded and transported safely to their destination as per contract.

In 1992 he formed his own Oil and Petrolieum company in Tanzania- also in the bunkering business with his own tanker fleet, running a highly successful and respected company trading down the east African coast to South Africa and across to the Yemeni port of Aden. He had earlier established bunkering facilities in Nigeria that led to that nation becoming a recognized part of the global bunkering network facilities providers. He is a multi-faceted and broadly experienced business professional that is highly qualified and has worked within all the aspects relevant to the bulk trading of commodities worldwide. This experience has included some of the world's most competitive regions and others that have been subjected to political change and upheaval. He is a highly considered individual that has the capacity and experience to deal with all the eventualities that can occur when transporting goods and commodities globally.

As a specialist lawyer of marine law his cases are often quoted and referred to in law books, he has attended more than 100 arbitration cases and was renounced best for litigation, piracy and damaged cargo, 1989, he represented Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and also represented a high profile case for Nigerian Shipping corporation.

He is one of the many few specialised Asian barristers in United Kingdom; his name is internally renounced as Shipping Guru.

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Mr Peter Schmitt

Global Advisor – CNG: Compressors

Peter Schmitt is a hugely experienced and hands on senior manager with extensive engineering and management skills with a proven track record for establishing engineering businesses within the Asia/Pacific region. He has all the additional skills and experience necessary to build a successful business from the ground up in new and emerging markets as well as competing in established and highly competitive markets such as Japan, China and Singapore. His experience within the region is unparalled- he has lived and worked in Asia for nearly 20 years building profitable businesses for key European industrial enterprises.

Under his leadership and with a talented team in place, his company built the first ever CNG station in Singapore (2000) followed by the largest station in Singapore (2008). They also built the first CNG station in Lagos, Nigeria (2010) and have since gone on to install CNG stations in Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Based in Singapore, Peter is the Managing Director of a leading German compressor manufacturer with offices in Singapore and Shanghai, spring boards for entering the Asia Pacific markets to include Australia, China and the South Pacific.

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Mr Minn Tun

Global Advisor – Communications: Offshore: Oil: Gas

He has, for nearly twenty years, specialised in offshore activities mainly in the oil industry- project managing new ventures and procuring equipment promoting business activity in emerging markets while based in Singapore.

In 2005 he led the launch of a Marine Solutions company which expanded operations into Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar offering multiple services to customers whilst also procuring important equipment for the mining industry and even supplying fast vessels for military customers, the coastguard and the emergency services.

Having worked or studied in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa he is extremely adaptable and has an in-depth awareness of the regions, their commodity markets and cultures.

As a regional lead for a Dutch services company, he is responsible for multiple projects across south-east Asia, the Middle East and Africa delivering exceptional growth for the company. In 2011 he co-founded an Energy Services business which complements its activities with appropriate business partners where it makes sense to do so.

Minn Tun holds an UK based double major honours degree in IT and Business Information Systems which is augmented by other industry-specific qualifications.

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Mr Jeganathan

Global Advisor – Technology: General

Mr Jeganathan has had a long distinguished career managing mission critical systems and services for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) where he held various command, staff and training appointments over a rewarding 20 year period.

He was seconded to the Singapore Civil defence Force (SCDF) - an organisation responsible for the firefighting, rescue and emergency ambulance service in Singapore where he had responsibility for the development, implementation and maintenance of the communications and IT systems for the entire force. Jega was appointed its Director of Technology in 2007 and in 2012.

Since leaving the SAF he has managed significant business units where his management, technology and complex project development skills have been in great demand. Throughout his career, Mr Jega has been instrumental in establishing best practice policies supporting the emergency management needs in various nations especially the ASEAN countries.

He is also well connected to the Middle East and central Asia states.

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Ms Stephanie Wu

Global Operations Support

A highly respected member of the team with a knack for attention to detail, Stephanie heads up our commodity support operations, worldwide.

Stephanie transferred from our media business where her role was greatly expanded over the past four years. Concurrently, she has built up strong allegiances and an enviable reserve of goodwill from our customer base building on her initial foundations constructed upon her bachelor's degree in Finance and Operation Management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and her earlier experience working in the USA.

Stephanie is highly proficient in both English and Chinese and a very able communicator within the business environment.

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